Application Solutions of Videoscope in Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry

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Application Solutions of Videoscope in Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry

Industrial videoscope is mainly used to detect components with high temperature and high pressure liquid, gas and fluid. For example, in pipeline detection, it can timely find whether there are cracks or holes in the components, which can avoid serious accidents and heavy losses, and enable the enterprise to realize safe operation.

Due to the huge volume of equipment components in the petrochemical industry, disassembly and assembly not only consume a lot of human resources and time cost, but also affect the basic operation of the equipment. In the inspection, it is necessary to use the nondestructive visual inspection equipment - industrial endoscope.

Detection advantages of Shenzhen JEET Megapixel HD industrial endoscope:

Disassembly free -It can reduce the cost of labor and time related to the disassembly and assembly of the facilities;

Low requirements for use environment - it can be completed at any time and anywhere, and it can be standby for more than 8 hours;

Flexible operation - the joystick controls the probe to turn 360 ° in all directions and bend 190 ° at most; The key operation is simple, the ultra bright ceramic light source is adjusted by 9 levels, and the ultra long insertion tube can detect the depth inside the equipment;

Clear image - Megapixel HD lens, IPS HD full view display;

Intelligent image processing system - selection of image special effects; Exposure gain; Color white balance; Reference scale simulation analysis;

Image transmission and storage - Photos and videos storage; HDMI data transmission; WiFi online synchronous transmission;

The equipment is portable and exquisite - the weight does not exceed 0.75kg, which is convenient for transportation; Small size, can be used in a narrow small area.

For example: pipeline inspection case of Shenzhen JEET industrial video endoscope

Detection site: pipeline and connector.

Purpose: check whether there are cracks, perforations and other abnormalities on the inner wall of the pipeline.

Points to be detected: check for corrosion, dirt, deposits, etc.

Detection method: use endoscope with appropriate diameter and length to conduct macroscopic visual detection on the inside of the pipeline.

Precautions: prevent the borescope insert-tube from being broken by foreign objects.

Recommended endoscope: 6.0mm in diameter, 2-10m in length, 5.1-inch host.

Recommended accessories: setting insert-tube and centering device.

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