JEET Videoscope is an innovative enabler and its equipment widely used for many industries, including the aviation industry,Electronic equipment, casting manufacturing, life environment, automotive and military industries.

Petrochemical application case

Detection requirements to achieve safe operation

Aerospace endoscope application case

JEET technology industrial endoscopes can be used for regular inspections.

Hose endoscope application case

JEET Technology's TJ series of hose endoscopes can be used for fire fighting.

Automobile manufacturing endoscope application

JEET products can be widely used in automobile manufacturing.

Application in food and pharmaceutical equipment industry.

JEET mainly inspects pipes and weld surfaces for pores and slag inclusions.

Energy-powered endoscope application case

JEET endoscope can be used for the inspection of pipeline welds.

Car endoscope application case

The use of car endoscopes can help maintenance personnel improve work efficiency.

Solutions for the Wind Power Industry

The industrial videoscope provides a new detection method for the detection of wind power equipment.

  • JEET Professional team

    Professional team

    The R&D team of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in endoscope research and development, and has independent intellectual property rights in endoscope electronic design, mechanical control, image processing, software development, etc., and strives to provide customers with mature and reliable product solutions , so as to win the support and trust of customers.

  • Industrial Videoscope

    Rich products

    Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D and production of videoscopes, and is committed to providing customers with professional video detection solutions, and intelligently maintains the equipment uptime. Our company's main projects: R&D, production and sales of industrial borescopes, automotive videoscopes, hose endoscopes, pipe endoscopes, and measuring endoscopes, as well as leasing and maintenance services.

  • Industrial Videoscope

    Wide Applications

    The industrial endoscope products of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd.can be widely used in various fields, such as automobile manufacturing, precision casting, automobile maintenance, public safety, aviation, aerospace, special inspection institutes, food and chemical pipelines, pharmaceutical machinery, energy and power , municipal, rail transit, etc.

  • Globle best-selling

    Globle best-selling

    The industrial endoscope products of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, perfectly solving the visual inspection problem for global customers, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

  • Professional Certificates

    ISO9001 certification and national high-tech enterprise

    Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO9001 certification and national high-tech enterprise certification. The integration of various management systems has reached international standards, and can continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.

Ask the engineer?

Are you curious about nondestructive testing? Thinking about product quality? Consider the after-sale service? Want to know the warranty period?

  • Industrial endoscope guide inflexible how to solve?
    this article introduces you to a solution to the inflexibility of the industrial video endoscope probe guidance.
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    Industrial video endoscopes are increasingly applied in visual inspection. What are the advantages of industrial video endoscopes, compared with traditional endoscopes?
  • How many levels of industrial endoscope waterproofing are there and how are they graded?
    JEET full range of borescope pipeline can support IP67 grade, the body can support IP65 grade, to meet different customer needs.
  • What should be paid attention to when using industrial endoscope?
    Industrial endoscopes are widely used in many fields, like the inspection of special equipment, aviation, pipelines, pressure vessels, automotive manufacturing, power and other industrial areas.
  • How to select suitable videoscope?
    As an important tool of VT, industrial videoscope has been widely used in various fields
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