Application Solutions of Borescope in Automotive Engine

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Application Solutions of Borescope in Automotive Engine

Engine is a kind of machine that can convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy, including internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, electric motors, etc., such as internal combustion engines are usually machines that convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. So what parts of the engine are car endoscopes mainly used to detect?

It is engine combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber includes valves, cylinder heads, pistons, and cylinder liners. A combustion chamber is a device in which fuel or propellant is burned to generate high-temperature gas, and is a combustion device made of high-temperature alloy-resistant materials. Endoscopic inspection of carbon deposits is often used as a necessary part of the daily maintenance of engine combustion chambers.

Automotive endoscopes mainly detect the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, cylinder wall strain, whether the injector nozzle is seriously blocked, etc. Visual detection equipment can make the detection results intuitive, so that maintenance personnel can quickly identify. However, not all automotive endoscopes can fully present the detection results, but instead, the inspection process will be complicated because the rotating angle of the endoscope is not enough, the image is blurred, and the operation is not convenient. Shenzhen JEET Automotive Endoscope joystick controls the probe rotating angle up to 360 ° and omnidirectional bending, with super bending angle up to 220 ° .And 1 million HD pixels, 1280×720 image resolution makes the detection results clearer, handheld integrated design makes the operation more convenient, JEET automotive endoscope allows automotive maintenance personnel to conduct fault analysis more accurate and faster!

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