Application Solutions of the Wind Power Industry

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Application Solutions of the Wind Power Industry

For wind power enterprises, a failure of wind power equipment, especially wind turbines, may cause wind turbines to shut down for 2-8 weeks, which means huge costs and economic losses. Therefore, routine verification and maintenance of wind power equipment has become a common concern in the wind power industry. Wind turbines are small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, large in transmission power, complex in gearbox structure, related to each component, high in manufacturing and assembling precision, and enclosed and surrounded by the body. These characteristics have brought great difficulties to detection and maintenance. In addition to the complex structural design, the harsh operating environment makes the transportation of wind power equipment difficult. Application of industrial endoscope in wind power industry!

The traditional detection method needs to disassemble the equipment, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and seriously affects the interests of wind power enterprises. The industrial videoscope provides a new detection method for the detection of wind power equipment. The borescope is not only small and portable, but also has an intuitive detection effect, which greatly reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency. Task. Users of wind power companies and maintenance service companies have begun to use industrial endoscopes for regular inspection and maintenance of wind power equipment. The application of industrial borescope is further expanded. At the same time, industrial endoscopes have established links with the development of the wind power industry.

Industrial videoscopes can be used to detect important equipment such as gearboxes, blades and bearings, turbines, pipes, condensers, etc., and to detect quality defects such as corrosion, rust spots, cracks, iron filings, foreign objects, and welds in components, and to realize wind power generation equipment. Defect detection and condition monitoring. Through regular inspections, problems can be found as early as possible, and downtime caused by catastrophic failures can be avoided. For the parts that may fail, even if there is a failure that can be scheduled for regular maintenance and maintenance in time, endoscopy can greatly shorten the fault diagnosis time and reduce business economic losses.

With the development of the global economy, wind energy is developing rapidly in the market as a clean and renewable energy. In recent years, the size of the global wind power industry has begun and continues to grow in an explosive manner. The application of industrial endoscope is also expanding into this field more and more. It can be said that industrial endoscopes are closely related to the development of the wind power industry. For example, Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd.'s series of products such as industrial videoscopes and pipe endoscopes can be used in the wind power generation industry, which helps to understand the internal faults of steam turbines, gas turbines, and gearboxes faster and more effectively. Minimize downtime, optimize maintenance schedules, and shorten maintenance intervals to help the global wind power industry grow rapidly.

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