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T51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens Borescope

T51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens Borescope

T51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  Borescope
T51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  BorescopeT51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  BorescopeT51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  BorescopeT51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  BorescopeT51X Series Joystick Videoscope, 6mm Front View & Side View Lens  Borescope
CategoriesMeasuring Endoscopes
BrandJeet Videoscopes Manufacturer
Probe Diameter(mm)Φ3.9
Camera Pixels300,000
Image/Video Resolution400*400
Viewing DirectionFront view& sideview dual lens
Light SourceFront ceramic light
Articulation360° joystick-control articulation
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentD/P, Western Union, T/T
Update TimeJul 13,2024
Detail Information
Main Features
1. Strong intelligent image processing system: with the functions of mage rotation, white balance, exposure control, negative film and zoom in & out, comparative measurement, it can meet all kinds of complicated inspection needs.
2. 360 ° joystick-control articulation, maximum bending angle≥190. Independently developed technology of long-distance transmission ensures bending angle ≥100°, even the tube reaches 10 meters.
3. High temperature alarm function: orange alarm when the temperature is above 65 ℃; red alarm and auto shutdown when the temperature is more than 80 ℃.

4. Interchangeable monitor and tube. It is compatible with different diameter tubes like: 2.0mm / 2.2mm / 2.8mm / 3.8mm / 6mm, as well as 3.8mm & 6mm sideview tubes and 6mm front view tube.

5. All products are complied with RoHS, CE and ISO standard and passed testing for temperaturewaterproofdropvibration and pressure. We devote ourselves to providing high-quality professional inspection instrument to every customer.

Smart software
Powerful intelligent image processing system: realize image rotation, white balance setting, exposure control, image negative film mode, contrast measurement and other functions to meet various complex inspection scenarios.
White balance setting
Automatic white balance with strong color reproduction, manual white balance according to detection requirements.
Exposure setting
Exposure suppression, polished objects are also clearly visible; exposure compensation, detection of large cavities is more efficient and clear.
Normal mode & Negative film mode
Super clear image effect; Improve contrast and increase; defect resolution.
Comparative measurement
The size of defects can be compared and analyzed by stylus and analog ruler.
Flexible Articulation Control
360°precise articulation

Maximum bending angle≥190°

2-way articulation, damping type positioning design, precise probe locking technology, make the detection more accurate and efficient. Independently developed technology of long distance transmission ensures bending angle ≥100° , even the tube reaches to 10 meters.
Powerful hardware
JEET THX-series HD Endoscope adopts a modular design, and the main unit and the handle can be separated by one button. Equipped with 5.1-inch high-definition display host, optional 3.5-inch display host suitable for small spaces, and compatible with 1.7mm/2.0mm/2.8mm/3.9mm/6.0mm/8.0mm pipeline system, and also compatible with 2.0mm side view, 2.8 mm side view, 3.9mm side view, 3.9mm straight side view, 6.0mm side view, 6.0mm straight side view, 8.0mm straight side view pipeline. The products almost meet the needs of various inspection sites.
One key WIFI

All-way Joystick Control

Damping adjustment

High temperature alarm, orange alarm when the ambient temperature is above 65°C, red alarm when the ambient temperature is above 80°C and shutdown protection.

The image can be output to a high-definition display through HDMI losslessly.

Original intelligent dual power battery life system, working time ≥8 hours.

The display screen has a resolution of 1280×960, high brightness, wide color gamut, full viewing angle, more delicate display, rich colors, and true color reproduction.

Quality Assurance
The company's entire series of industrial endoscope have passed strict high and low temperature, waterproof, drop, vibration, pressure and other tests, and have RoHS, CE and other certification certificates. R&D and production are carried out in strict accordance with the ISO quality management system to provide users with high-quality professional products.
Tube System
Probe Diameter(mm)
Camera Pixels
Image/Video Resolution
Viewing Direction
Front view& sideview dual lens
Light Source
Front ceramic light
Maximum: 15000+Lx 1~9 levels adjustable light
Tube Length
1.5m/3.0m (customized for other length)
Protecting Device of Durability
42mm buffer protection device between tube and handle
360° joystick-control articulation
Bending Angle
Probe Positioning
Damping positioning & articulation lock device
Monitor System
5.1" color IPS display, all sight viewing angle, sunshade design
Display Resolution
Zoom In/Out
English / French / German / Spanish / Japanese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Russian / Korean
White Balance Suppression
5 levels adjustable
Image Effect
Negative film/ black & white/standard
Temperature Indication
High temperature alarm (optional)
IP Level
Probe/tube: IP67
Software Function
Playback, image parameters adjust and rotate
Hand-held integrated design
Image/Video Format
Data Port
HDMI video output, Micro USB port with water &dust proof device
Working Time
Battery Capacity
Power Charge
DC5V, 1A
Standard Configuration
Instrument case:1pc; videoscope: 1 set; battery: 2pcs; card reader: 1pc; 32G. TF card: 1pc; charger: 1pc; USB cable: 1pc; user manual: 1 set
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