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Police Security Videoscopes

Police Security Videoscopes
JEET police IR endoscope adopts one-button switching between infrared light and white light, and realizes 18+ meters of ultra-long night vision distance for reconnaissance. Image and video information reconnaissance and collection. At the same time, the ultra-bright LED white light and infrared light single light source system can be selected, and the diameter and length of the probe of various sizes can be selected.
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The role of police security videoscope
Police security videoscope in the field of criminal investigation, security, detonation, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling, search and rescue, etc., the application is quite extensive. Because the police borescope has the advantages that many investigative instruments or equipment does not have. On the one hand, because of its concealment, able to enter the area to be observed through narrow gaps, infrared light source, the normal human eye can not see someone snooping, investigators can enter the interior without destroying doors, windows and other objects, directly through the pipeline, and then observe the suspects, suspicious items.
Another aspect is its reliability, directly through the display screen to observe the effect of the picture, take pictures and video and audio recordings, to be able to understand the actual situation from multiple aspects. At the same time can also be connected to cell phones and other wireless terminals through WIFI, long-distance wireless transmission, suitable for off-site multi-person viewing, making the judgment results more accurate.
Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope