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Industrial Videoscopes

JEET industrial endoscopes are widely used in automobile manufacturing, precision casting, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical machinery, energy and power, rail transit and other fields.

Aviation Borescopes

3D measurement system can accurately measure the size of defects · Automatic locking and precise positioning.  Browse 3D measurement industrial videoscopes and borescope equipment. Choose from a range of systems for portable imaging from JEET.

Measuring Endoscopes

JEET measuring endoscope is suitable for aerospace, precision manufacturing and other fields,JEET 3D measuring endoscope has a variety of measurement methods such as point-to-point, point-to-line, polyline, etc., so that the probe can also measure the defects of the inspected object in narrow gaps, and the measurement accuracy can reach more than 95%! Moreover, it supports the replacement of pipeline systems with pipe diameters of 1.0mm-8.0mm, and can choose direct view/side view/straight side view in one direction.

Police Security Videoscopes

JEET police IR endoscope adopts one-button switching between infrared light and white light, and realizes 18+ meters of ultra-long night vision distance for reconnaissance. Image and video information reconnaissance and collection. At the same time, the ultra-bright LED white light and infrared light single light source system can be selected, and the diameter and length of the probe of various sizes can be selected.

Automotive Videoscopes

JEET automotive endoscopes can realize 360° probe steering, 210° large-angle bending, and are equipped with high temperature intelligent alarm function and detection report generation function. It is widely used in the automotive aftermarket to detect automotive evaporation boxes, combustion chambers, three-way catalysis, etc., as well as narrow spaces that are difficult to enter and hidden spaces such as home pipes that are not easy to view.

Customized Borescopes

JEET industrial endoscopes focus on the research and development and production of industrial endoscopes, mobile phone endoscopes, police endoscopes, ultraviolet fluorescence endoscopes, measuring endoscopes, and automotive endoscopes. Customized on demand.
Industrial Videoscope
Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope