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Aviation Borescopes

Aviation Borescopes

3D measurement system can accurately measure the size of defects · Automatic locking and precise positioning.  Browse 3D measurement industrial videoscopes and borescope equipment. Choose from a range of systems for portable imaging from JEET.
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Aerial borescopy is mainly to detect which places?
① detecting burrs, residues, etc. of the main engine airflow passage components, any cracks or related defects, and solving safety hazards if related problems are found.

② detect surface defects of aircraft engine high-pressure pressurizer, including bumps, cracks, residues, flatness, etc., any bubbles and cracks may cause aircraft crashes.

③ detect cracks, bumps, bubbles, etc. of the engine turbine at all levels of the rotor blades to ensure normal blade operation.

④ detect the engine combustion chamber situation, to ensure that the combustion chamber is free of debris and the surface is free of defects.

⑤ detect other conditions inside the engine.
Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope