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JEET K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope

JEET K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope

JEET K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope
CategoriesAviation Borescopes
BrandJeet Videoscopes Manufacturer
Probe diameter(mm)1.0/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.8/4.2/6.0/8.0
Effective work length1m-5m
Camera Pixels1000000 pixels
Image/video resolution1920x1080
DOF(mm)10-100 20-120/5-50 10-100
Articulation360° all way
Bending angle210° big angle bending
Light sourceLED/ fiber
Update TimeJul 13,2024
Detail Information

JEET K Series

Motor-driven HD Videoscope

• Two mega pixels ultra high definition                    • Super sensitive motor-driven articulation

• Super fast universal focus                                       • Super convenient to replace the lens

• Multiple light sources can be selected                   • One lens is used for multiple without pressure

Motor-Driven HD Videoscope

Shenzhen Jeet Technology Co., Ltd

Motor- driven HD Videoscope

5.7 inches HD smart touch screen, the touch sensitive operation is accurate; 2 or 1 mega pixels ultra high definition, the picture quality is super clear, and real restore image effect; a variety of picture special effects, improvement of picture contrast, with automatic defect recognition box selection, faster and more accurate discovery of the defective defect.

Real restore image effect 

2 million/1 million ultra high definition pixels, high brightness light sources, helps you better discover the shortcomings in the dark area; 1920*1080 pictures/video high resolution, can be re -recorded after being paused during the recording process, and can be captured at any time, not only you can clearly observe the defects, and it can also easily record the defects of the inspection.

Selection of automatic identification boxes of defects

Divided into three levels: high, medium, and low. After opening the defect recognition function, during the observation process, the mobile probe, the red box will automatically frame the abnormal point, assist the identification of the defects of the inspection, and let the defects be avoided.

360° Motor-driven Articulation,Accurate Positioning

360° Motor-driven structure, the probe is omnidirectional to turn arbitrarily, 210 ° oversized angle, which can observe the inspection situation in all aspects. Press the joystick with one click lock/reset, light up the joystick, try the articulation, and the probe positioning is more accurate; fast/slow articulation adjustment greatly improves the articulation efficiency.

360° flexible articulation

210° oversized bending angle

fast/slow speed adjustment

Image signal high speed

transmission, zero delay

The long distance signal transmission technology independently developed by Jeet Technology can achieve a 30 meters long distance transmission screen signal; long distance transmission technology can easily realize the 10 meters long range bending angle ≥150 °.

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Multiple Specification Tube system

Modular design, tube system and battery module can be removed and replaced. A host system, with multiple tube systems, can meet the diverse detection needs of different customers at the same time, the size of the pores, and the distance of the detection distance.

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Multiple Light Sources Optional 

The tube system can be matched with a variety of light sources such as white light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. It can also be equipped with auxiliary lighting: white light/ultraviolet light. According to the test conditions, the selection of light sources can be better detected to better detect the inspection defect

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Diversity function

The K series is also equipped with a variety of functions such as the standard comparison measurement, detection report, ultra -temperature warning, and intelligent management of files.

Measurement mode

A variety of measurement modes can be selected: the standard comparison measurement, select the standard reference distance, and refer to the distance to determine the measurement data; compare measurement, the measurement data can be calculated based on the measurement ruler. Multiple measurement modes make measurement more convenient!

Over temperature warning

Real time display internal temperature conditions, temperature ≥70 ℃ temperature value shows a yellow warning, the temperature ≥80 ℃ temperature value appears red alarm, above 85 ° C, the screen displays an ultra -temperature alarm and automatically close the front camera.

Test Report

After the test is completed, use the shot pictures, with the graffiti reference function, identify the defect location or the qualified text watermark, directly illustrate the situation and processing opinions of the inspection, and finally edit a constructive test report.。

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Diverse accessories

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Application Field

K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope Technical Parameters

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