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What is flexible videoscope?

What is flexible videoscope?

Update Time:2019/12/13

Flexible Videoscope is an advanced type of borescope that houses a very small image sensor embedded into the tip of the scope. The video image isrelayed from the distal tip and focusable lens assembly back to the display viainternal wiring. This is unlike a traditional rigid borescope or fiberscope.Rigid borescopes use hard optical relay components to transfer the image fromthe tip to an eyepiece and flexible fiberscopes use coherent image fiber opticsto relay the image to one's eye through an eyepiece. The image quality of avideoscope is superior to that of a fiberscope and can be compared to that ofan intermediate camcorder.

JEET Videoscope adopts flexible tungsten-alloytube and articulating probe with different diameter viewing direction, which canmeet most of inspection demands from various application fields.


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