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JEET 2.2mm Videoscope Applied In Air Cylinder Inspection

JEET 2.2mm Videoscope Applied In Air Cylinder Inspection

Oct 19,2019

Recently, JEET received inspection demand from a customer for automobile air cylinder head.

Inspection Target: 

    Whether there is residue and blockage inside the water channel of cylinder head

Inspection Difficulty:

    1. The internal cavity of the cylinder head is complex and the space is small, the diameter of the videoscope tube is required to be very  small and the probe as short as possible. The bending radius must be as small as possible. 

    2. The workpiece inspection slot is rough, so the videoscope tube may suffer a lot of wear and tear, which will affect the product service life.

    3. For on-site inspection, the workpiece is easy to damage the videoscope tube, so it needs to protect it.


After discussing, we offered inspection solution soon:

    1. Choose JEET 2.2mm videoscope: tungsten-braided tube, 2-way articulation probe less than 7mm long, small bending radius and flexible articulation in narrow space.

    2. The tube and probe part are well protected by special material, in order to enhance the product service time. 

2.2mm videoscopes

 Jeet videoscope met the inspection demands and the solution solved customer's problem well.

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