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The main advantages of industrial video endoscopes

The main advantages of industrial video endoscopes

Oct 15,2019

 Industrial video endoscopes are increasingly applied in visual inspection. What are the advantages of industrial video  endoscopes, compared with traditional endoscopes?

joystick control endoscope


Higher display resolution and better image quality. With high-quality optic lens, videoscope has a great improvement in display resolution and image clarity, compared to traditional endoscopes.


More compatible with different inspected targets. According to field of view, viewing direction and distance, videoscope can be customized with sideview, front view lens, far focus or near focus viewing distance, which can be adapted to different inspecting requirements.


360° flexible articulating operation. Videoscopes are equipped with 360° articulating probe. The bending angle is more than 150° in each direction. The bending angle of JEET videoscope can even reach to 190°. It is easy to pass through the curved part of the inspected pipeline.

joystick control endoscope


Joystick control articulation. The probe articulation is controlled by joystick. Users can easily operate it by only a finger. 

5)    The durability of the insert tube is greatly improved. The traditional stainless-steel tube has been replaced by tungsten-braided tube, which can greatly enhance the wear resistance of the videoscope tube and decrease repair rate.

Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope