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Routine process of industrial videoscope inspection and Maintenance tips

Routine process of industrial videoscope inspection and Maintenance tips

Apr 25,2020

Industrial videoscope  is a non-destructive testing tool, mainly is to detect the object internal burr, bulge, weld, etc., according to the object internal defects to determine whether the object is qualified, industrial videoscope is widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing, pipelines and other industries.

Industrial borescope inspection process:

1. We need to understand the characteristics of the internal structure of the detection workpiece, the specific content of the detection and the position, according to the procedure to open the instrument, check the power supply, to ensure that the instrument is placed in a safe and stable position

2. Choose the right probe to enter the channel of the object tested, and Before detection, it is necessary to understand the objects in the channel that may obstruct and scratch the probe, such as burrs and other obstacles.

3. For some products that cannot be understood internally or have complex structure, it can be observed and then tested. During the test, the lens should be aligned to the detection area as far as possible.

4. Before the detection,we should make the eyes adapt to the detection environment and light, Meanwhile we should pay attention to avoid eye fatiguework for a long time work , So as not to cause omission.

5. During the detection process, we should be careful to ensure that the probe can reach the designated position smoothly. If the probe encounters obvious resistance during the process of propulsion, it should stop moving immediately. And then the probe should exit slowly, if it is stuck, do not pull hard to avoid damaging the workpiece or the probe.

6. Processing and analysis of the collected images.

7.The operator can use auxiliary tools to help the probe to reach the best position.

8.Clean the probe and tidy up the instrument site according to the regulations.

Maintenance of industrial endoscope:

1. Do not expose the endoscope to direct sunlight

2. Pay attention to the bending angle of the insert tube when it is collected, don't bend it forcibly;

3. Do not use in flammable and other dangerous environment;

4. After use, wipe the product cleanly and store well for next use

Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope