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How to inspect the inside of the equipment,without disassembling it?

How to inspect the inside of the equipment,without disassembling it?

Issue Time:2020/05/30

Industrial endoscopes have unique advantages in the NDT industry. It can expand the viewing range of human eyes. With 360° articulation of the videoscope probe, users can intuitively and accurately inspect the inner surface of the narrow space objects which the human eye cannot see directly.This inspection cannot be done with other testing instruments, either. Therefore, when not disassembling the device, we choose joystick videoscope as the main tool for internal inspection of the equipment.


For example, in the application of the aerospace industry, the probe of the industrial endoscope can be extended into the interior of an aircraft engine to directly observe the real condition of the combustion chamber inside the engine or the internal surface condition of other parts of the engine, such as turbine blades. The visual testing of the surface conditions of concealed, narrow or dark space can be carried out without disassembling and damaging the equipment and components, which will greatly reduce the maintenance and inspection time and costs. At the same time, it ensures the safe operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is reliable and effective to use industrial videoscope for equipment repairing and maintenance.