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Industrial Endoscope Inspection Service Application of Gas Turbine and Generator

Industrial Endoscope Inspection Service Application of Gas Turbine and Generator

Issue Time:2021/03/09
Endoscope is a kind of internal surface detection equipment equipped with image sensor, optical lens, light source lighting, mechanical device, etc. It can enter the cavity through various openings, and view the internal condition of the object through the image. Remote visual inspection (industrial endoscope) products can provide complete internal image data to equipment managers without disassembling or damaging mechanical equipment; the use of industrial endoscope products can not only save a lot of money Reduce downtime for maintenance, reduce unnecessary costs, and help equipment managers to develop better equipment maintenance and maintenance work plans.

Generators and turbine blades are the core devices for product production and manufacturing. They are usually installed in fixed factories or offshore drilling platforms. The work and operation of these devices require electricity, steam and additional power; they are important core assets. , Sudden failures or shutdowns will cause high maintenance costs and loss of productivity, and sometimes even harm personal safety; they are connected to steam pipes, steam valves, heat exchangers, cooling devices and other accessories Equipment. Regular maintenance and maintenance of these equipment require patient, responsible and experienced engineers to complete. The high-performance JEET technology industrial endoscope products will make engineers' work more effective.

JEET Technology will use appropriate industrial endoscope products to help you complete routine inspections or emergency inspections; we can provide industrial endoscope inspection services for the following devices: high and low pressure turbine blade inspection, steam pipeline inspection, steam Valve inspection, generator stator and rotor inspection; the smallest diameter of our industrial endoscope products can reach 1.3mm, which can easily go deep into the unreachable device for endoscopic inspection; we also provide extras (foreign objects) inside the device It is not necessary to dismantle or destroy the device for grabbing and salvaging services.

JEET endoscope can be used to improve product quality and inspection efficiency, and help you make faster decisions. Each customer's thoughts and needs will vary depending on the environment and time of use. We will use Duo Lai's accumulated industry market experience to provide you with better and more suitable products, services and solutions to help you more effectively apply to your industry.