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Application of pipeline endoscope!

Application of pipeline endoscope!

Issue Time:2021/04/14
Pipeline endoscope detection system has been applied in many fields. Special equipment inspection engineer, maintenance engineer, petrochemical power construction contractor, municipal drainage maintenance engineer and plumber often use the excellent design of pipeline endoscope to meet the characteristics of the industry and find out the places where other equipment is difficult to reach or enter. Pipeline endoscope lens can enter and explore the areas that are difficult to reach and detect, such as urban sewage drainage system, rainwater drainage system, petrochemical process pipeline, etc.; when you don't want to waste time, energy and money to guess which part of the pipeline has defects and faults, pipeline endoscope is your best choice. It can directly reach the detection area, so that defects and faults can be displayed clearly and intuitively. It will be very helpful to make a good maintenance plan.

According to your testing needs, recommend and provide the tube endoscope that meets your budget. Whether you are a civil or industrial user, we can provide corresponding products to meet the different needs of users: for example, lenses of different diameters, putters of different lengths; simple pipe endoscope, which can be easily used by ordinary people. It can detect the municipal drainage system professionally, analyze the damage by software, and repair by mechanical arm. The pipeline video detection products produced by Shenzhen Jietai all adopt high resolution CCD imaging chip and high brightness LED lighting system, which can provide good auxiliary lighting for the detection area.

If you encounter any problems in the operation and use of jeet products, please contact our product experts as soon as possible. jeet will provide you with timely and effective support and suggestions.

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