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What are the characteristics of flexible tube endoscope?

What are the characteristics of flexible tube endoscope?

Issue Time:2021/04/23
Nowadays, with the rapid development of industrial technology, many large coal mines, industrial pipelines and oil pipelines will use flexible tube endoscopes. Flexible tube endoscopes are optical, mechanical and electrical NDT instruments. Their product features are obvious. Flexible tube endoscopes can achieve 360 degree rotation and have high-definition probes, but many friends don't know its features, Next, Jietai will analyze the characteristics of flexible tube endoscope.

Flexible tube endoscope

There are many kinds of specifications of hose endoscope, mainly used to detect automobile engine, cylinder, oil pressure parts, fuel pipe, at the same time, in the water tank, oil tank, gearbox, etc. It also plays a very important role in the maintenance process. The characteristics of this kind of hose endoscope are also very obvious. Before using it, we must carefully understand its use method, and make preparations before endoscopy.

Flexible hose endoscope can realize on-site rapid detection, and has flexible touch screen and advanced detection means, so that each operator can easily operate, which can greatly improve their work efficiency, and shorten the actual inspection time, which can greatly meet the high requirements of various industrial fields for detection work.

You should have a certain understanding of the characteristics and precautions of flexible tube endoscope. In general, the hose endoscope has obvious performance advantages. It is equipped with a strong camera shell and an over temperature alarm system, which can adapt to a wide range of applications. It can realize on-site rapid detection without dismantling components. It mainly adopts unique ultra-fine optical fiber and advanced optical fiber bundle technology, which can provide high-quality images and clearer imaging patterns.