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Pipeline endoscope used in pharmaceutical industry

Pipeline endoscope used in pharmaceutical industry

Issue Time:2021/06/05
As we all know, in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many pipelines in production, and the length of the pipes is generally relatively long, generally several meters or even tens of meters. Before the pipeline installation, to check whether the welding is even and free from any defects, the pipe endoscope is needed to take photos.

The drug management level is also very high. In the process of production and development, the pipe wall is analyzed and tested every half a year to determine whether there are oxidation, corrosion, foreign matter accumulation and other phenomena.

After the pipeline is used, there may be residual oil, solvent and other articles on the inner wall, which needs to be treated with anti-corrosion. Here, the pipe endoscope will be used to check the internal condition of the pipeline. Therefore, the demand for industrial endoscope is increasing.

This kind of medical pipeline system generally adopts diameter of about 20 mm, diameter of endoscope probe of JEET pipeline is 2.8-6mm, front camera technology can realize multi angle adjustment, more adjustable brightness of level 7, and the pipeline length can be customized according to their own needs, and it is convenient to operate, and can quickly develop and solve customer service needs, and realize high-definition display screen of megapixel, Take clear photos or video archives, which is very suitable for pipeline detection in pharmaceutical logistics industry.

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the national strategic pillar industries, and its industrial level is an important part of the comprehensive strength of the country. With the rise of Chinese medicine industry, the application of industrial endoscope is more and more extensive, and its prospect is very broad.

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