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Pipeline endoscope for detecting sand hole on pipe wall

Pipeline endoscope for detecting sand hole on pipe wall

Issue Time:2021/06/17
The pipeline endoscope is a kind of industrial endoscope which can be more inclined to the pipeline of the detection system. Its pipeline length is more suitable for the detection environment of the pipeline. In the process of using the pipeline endoscope, the management operation must be carried out according to the design instructions, and the correct selection and use of the pipeline endoscope can realize its maximum function, Only in this way can the requirements of target detection be achieved.

Sand holes in the pipe wall were detected by various endoscopic techniques

The tube wall thickness is too thin and uneven due to the mismatching between the bending method and the tube or unsuitable processing conditions. When the pipe is cold worked, the inner and outer walls are scratched, which makes the wall thickness thinner. Under the action of corrosive medium, it is easy to produce stress corrosion, accelerate the development of scar, even rupture. This can be avoided by using a duct mirror. It can detect the welding quality defects of pipeline: mainly refers to weld crack, dislocation, burn through, incomplete welding, flash and undercut, etc. The use of pipeline endoscope can ensure the welding quality. Detectable pipeline corrosion: the pipeline is corroded by the external environment for a long time, or buried underground for a long time, or laid in the ditch and connected with the drainage ditch, soaked in water, causing serious corrosion and fracture, causing a large number of combustible gas leakage, forming explosive gas mixture. Regular maintenance and inspection of the endoscope can eliminate the potential safety hazard.

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