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Industrial endoscope for detecting cylinder cavity

Industrial endoscope for detecting cylinder cavity

Issue Time:2021/07/23
With the rapid development of industrial automation, robotics and other industries, the development of turbine and plug engine is also accelerating. Cylinder block is one of the most commonly used and important parts. Correct inspection and maintenance before leaving the factory can reduce the failure rate of cylinder block and improve its service life. It is very important for the normal operation of the whole equipment. Cylinder is a kind of cylindrical metal part, which is used to guide the piston to make linear reciprocating motion in the cylinder. This pneumatic product requires high precision of various parts in the production process. First, check whether there are oxidation, wire drawing and other defects on the inner wall of the cylinder cavity, as well as scratches and scratches on the inner wall of the cylinder barrel. Secondly, during the whole assembly process, Check the assembly of the whole part for defects.

As a common non-destructive visual inspection equipment, industrial endoscope can send the pipeline with camera in the pipeline into the cylinder to observe the areas that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. It is a nondestructive inspection instrument that can quickly improve the detection efficiency, and can shoot images and videos for further analysis of defects.

The Jietai industrial endoscope with photographing and video recording functions has carried out regular inspection and image / video recording on the inner wall conditions such as corrosion, oxidation, wear and cracks through the industrial endoscope to deal with internal defects, and carried out quality control on the production process through the regular inspection by the quality inspection personnel of the quality management department. JEET industrial endoscope can also choose side mirror and near focus mirror to solve various situations requiring close observation of the inner wall.

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