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Application principle of the industrial endoscope, a good helper of nondestructive testing

Application principle of the industrial endoscope, a good helper of nondestructive testing

Sep 17,2022
    From a professional perspective, endoscopic inspection is a visual inspection method that uses micro camera equipment to evaluate the quality of containers, pipes, the interior of nonremovable equipment, the inner surface of narrow gaps, the parts below the liquid level such as water and oil, and the areas that cannot be directly observed by human eyes under special circumstances. The professional equipment using this visual inspection method is called an industrial endoscope.

    The industrial endoscope is a branch of nondestructive testing, which can also be said to be a professional testing technology. Because of its special size design, we can easily and accurately observe the internal surface structure or working state of the object without destroying the surface of the object to be tested.

    Nondestructive testing requires the use of video industrial endoscopes as testing tools, which are professionally designed and produced to meet the complex industrial use environment. Endoscopic inspection is a widely used inspection technology with the development of endoscopic manufacturing technology in recent years. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, we generally divide industrial endoscopes into three types: optical hard tube endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, and video endoscopes.

    High-definition industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation in places where high temperature, toxicity, nuclear radiation, and human eyes cannot be directly observed. They are mainly used in automobiles, aero-engines, pipes, mechanical parts, etc., and can realize nondestructive testing without dismantling or destroying the assembly and stopping the operation of equipment. On the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected with cameras, cameras, or electronic computers to form a photographing, imaging, and image processing system, So as to monitor, record, store and analyze the image of the on-site target, and provide a good guarantee for diagnosis and processing.
 industrial endoscopes
    The electronic endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the inspection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipes in the petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronic and electrical industry, aerospace, and other fields. It integrates light, machinery, electricity, and image processing software. The industrial endoscope tester is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor or a pen computer with a USB port. It is more convenient to carry, and the observation image is clearer so that the operator can use a high-resolution color CCD, The observed doubtful points and flaw detection parts are frozen, enlarged, analyzed, measured, and printed with the help of a unique professional software processing system, which greatly improves the accuracy of judging the flaw detection parts of the inner wall of the pipeline.

    It is convenient and reliable to use. For example, the inspection and maintenance of turbine, pipeline, condenser tube, pump, boiler, heat exchanger, valve, pressure vessel, and other important equipment for defect detection and condition monitoring are all needed, and the equipment detection of nuclear power plant, wind power plant, hydraulic power plant, thermal power plant, and power construction unit is even more indispensable.

    It is precise because of the advent of portable industrial endoscopes that some complex detection environments are solved, many difficult problems are solved, the normal operation of the whole set of equipment is ensured, and some accidents are avoided. This can not be replaced by some traditional detection instruments.

Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope