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What can industrial videscope inspect?

What can industrial videscope inspect?

Issue Time:2020/04/13

Industrial Videoscope has the feature of direct visual, users can intuitively observe the high-definition video image captured by the front-end probe through the display screen, and the diagnosis of defects is more convenient and fast.Industrial videoscope can be used to detect the defects such as welding seam in pipeline, sand in casting, interlacing hole, etc., for quality control and assembly inspection of parts, as well as various residual foreign matter, impurity particles, flash burr, rust, corrosion and so on which affect the cleanliness.

Industrial Endoscope is a nondestructive testing method, which has been widely used in the industrial field.For the parts which cannot be directly observed by human eyes, remote real-time observation can be realized. Users can take photos and record the observation results to save the observed images and videos for more detailed analysis.Therefore, industrial endoscope plays an important role in product quality control and equipment safe operation.

Industrial borescope can be used to detect the pits, cracks, wear, scratches, excess and so on inside parts, widely used in the engine, storage tank, pump body, gear box, pipe, boiler, turbine, compressor, valve, gun chamber and other parts of the detection, has played an important role in various industries.Jeet technology focuses on the research and development, production, sales, service and other fields of industrial endoscope for many years, the product image is clear, reliable quality, stable performance, can be used in various industries detection applications.The customizable 1-15m tube length with 2-8mm probe diameters can effectively meet the testing requirements under various scenarios.