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How to care and maintain your videoscope probe?

How to care and maintain your videoscope probe?

Apr 23,2020

Probe is most precision and expensive part of a industrial videoscope or borescope. In order to prolong your videoscope life, daily care and maintenance to probe is very important.

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1. Check and clean the probe lens before and after using the product. Use clean,soft cloth or cleanroom wiper, dipping some clean water or alcohol to wipe the lens carefully.

2. During the process of inspection, do not bend or twist the probe and articulating part at the end of the tube. Only use the joystick to control the probe articulation.

3. Before inserting or withdrawing the probe, please adjust the joystick part to straighten the probe. Insert or withdraw the tube slowly and carefully.

4. Release the articulation lock if the videoscope has articulation lock function , so the tip is flexible to bend as needed. Avoid inserting or withdrawing the borescope tube forcibly, or the probe may get damaged.

5. Avoid insert the tube into oil, strong acid or alkaline liquid or corrosive liquid, which will cause damage to the probe lens and tube.

6. Do not use the borescope in explosive environment, like gasoline, diesel tank, alcohol container. Do not use it near flammable gases or liquids.

7. Working temperature cannot exceed 80°C.

8. Do not touch the probe after it is used for long time or in high temperature environment. Otherwise, you skin may get scalded.

9. Avoid accidentally hitting, dropping the probe to the floor when taking the videoscope out of the instrument case.

10. Keep protective caps on the lens surfaces when finishing using the equipment This will help to protect the lens from scratching or damage.

11. Put the whole equipment into the instrument case carefully when you finish using it.


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