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Jeet Tool Videoscope brings you new experience in inspection technology

Jeet Tool Videoscope brings you new experience in inspection technology

Issue Time:2020/04/16

Video borescope as a important inspection instrument is with over 63 years history. As the innovation of technology and demands of modern life, video borescope change rapidly and upgrade more and more. Almost You can find a borescope on market to meet any requirement of yours. It’s really amazing the technology providing us convenient to drive us exploring somewhere the world we can not see by eyes directly.


Nowadays, video borescope is widely used in medical and industrial field. But no matter what kind of videoscope, it provides us benefits,meanwhile it is with high cost,especially in medical type.Compared with medical videoscope, industrial videoscope is with lower standard and cost, even so, many industrial company can not afford such a cost. For example, in automobile repair or tools market, it is difficult to get a low cost videoscope with satisfied performance. There are two extremes, good performance with high cost or good price with unsatisfied performance. Articulation is key function for a flexible videoscope, but nearly all videoscope with articulation will be high cost.


But today, Jeet, a solution provider in industrial borescope, won't make you disappointed because Jeet has launched the new S series Tool videoscope, it will bring you new experience in inspection technology. What's more, it is a good helper for mechanics with affordable cost. Our mission is providing better and valuable solution for customer.