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HD industrial videoscope application in automobile manufacturing industry

HD industrial videoscope application in automobile manufacturing industry

Issue Time:2020/06/19

The three main components of a car are the engine, chassis and transmission.Car engines can convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy.And the chassis of a car determines its comfort in running.The gearbox controls the forward and backward movement of the car by changing the rotation ratio.

The main problem of casting inspection in automobile manufacturing industry is the complex structure of engine cylinder block, casting block and parts.For the engine casting and cylinder block inspection, the inspection method that must be used is industrial videoscope inspection.when make inspection by Industrial endoscopes,the operator can insert the probe into the casting, directly see the burrs, blister and other defects in the narrow gap, and can directly judge whether the casting is qualified, which overcomes the difficulty of gap more and space small, greatly improving the detection efficiency.Therefore, the probe articulation flexibility of industrial videoscope, the pixels of the camera and the resolution of the display screen determine whether the burrs and blister can be viewed or not during inspection. Jeet videoscope THX series HD industrial videoscope adopts hand-held integrated design, which can realize one-handed operation of the joystick, flexible probe control, 360° precision steering, and it makes the defects in the casting clearly visible with megapixel camera and TFT LCD display. 

The automobile engine is the power and core of the automobile. Therefore,the production process and quality inspection of engine cylinders, castings, and parts are particularly important in manufacturing of automobiles. This is not only an assessment of the production process, but also a check for product quality. Jeet  industrial videoscope guard the safety of life.