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Factors for influencing industrial videoscope inspection

Factors for influencing industrial videoscope inspection

Jul 7,2020

    Industrial videoscope is a widely used nondestructive testing instrument in Aerospace, Pharmaceutical equipment, Automobile manufacturing and maintenance, Urban rail transit and so on.

   Although industrial videoscopes are very powerful and widely used, there are still some factors affecting industrial videoscope inspection. 


   Illumination is the basic condition for industrial videoscope inspection.Generally, it is required that the color temperature of the illumination light source should be no less than 5600K and the illumination intensity should be no less than 5000lx for videoscope inspection, so as to better help the videoscope to carry out inspection.

2.Depth of field

   Depth of field is another major factor that affects endoscope detection. Only when the depth of field is appropriate and correct can a better detection effect be obtained. In general, the wider the depth of field, the more favorable the detection.

   3.Camera Resolution

   The resolution, magnification, and smallest defects that can be detected by the device are all technical indicators of the videoscope itself, which can directly affect the detection results.

   4.The reflectivity of the surface of an object

   Different surfaces have different reflectances. Therefore, the intensity of videoscope illumination should be selected according to the specific situation during actual detection in order to obtain clearer results.


    When selecting the channel, try to be as close as possible to the position to be detected; try to reduce the number of times the probe bends; first consider the channel from top to bottom and high to low; prefer to choose the wide channel; the minimum diameter of the channel determines the videoscope probe diameter; the length of the channel determines the minimum length required for the probe to enter; the curvature of the channel determines the bending radius of the videoscope probe.

Industrial Videoscope

Industrial Videoscope