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The advantages of industrial endoscopes in static inspection and dynamic inspection!

The advantages of industrial endoscopes in static inspection and dynamic inspection!

Issue Time:2020/10/10
In the machinery manufacturing industry, in order to pursue excellent products, people often use industrial endoscopes. Using this special inspection tool, people can more carefully check whether the machine is worn. For industries that require high precision, it is difficult to observe with the naked eye. In order to detect products, endoscopes can help people narrow the field of view and enlarge tiny parts.

Compared with other mechanical equipment inspection tools, industrial endoscopes have many advantages. The most obvious advantage is that industrial endoscopes can dynamically record the inspection process. In addition to carefully positioning the product at the inspection site, it can also record the actual detection so that the equipment maintenance personnel can use the electronic display to observe the fault on the spot. This technological breakthrough made up for the deficiencies of product testing that could not be recorded before, and achieved the purpose of dynamic recording. In addition to better recording product wear, it is also very helpful to analyze the causes of wear. The use of endoscopic equipment will greatly facilitate product quality inspection and improve work efficiency.

In the process of static inspection, it is difficult to determine the cause of wear immediately for some complicated and cumbersome wear conditions, which will bring a lot of trouble to subsequent maintenance work. It can be easily collected using an industrial endoscope. It is necessary to record the dynamic inspection process. With the help of dynamic recording technicians, the inspection process can be observed repeatedly, and the degree of wear and the cause can be accurately determined, laying a solid foundation for maintenance work and reducing the pressure of equipment maintenance.

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