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What are the main factors affecting industrial endoscopy?

What are the main factors affecting industrial endoscopy?

Issue Time:2020-10-17
Industrial endoscopes are actually an application of machine vision technology. Industrial endoscopes can perform regular inspections or body inspections on pipes, container interiors, aircraft turbines, blades, engines, combustion chambers, etc., using machines instead of human eyes. To make judgments and measurements, and through the image capture device to convert the object into an image signal and then through a series of complex processing and finally into a digital signal. So what are the main factors affecting endoscopic detection?
1. Lighting conditions. Most endoscope inspections use industrial endoscopes with their own light sources for illumination. Under general conditions, it is required that the color temperature of the illumination light source for the endoscope detection is not less than 5600K, and the illumination intensity is not less than 2600lm.
2. Probe position and angle. Generally, it is best to observe the image within the range of 5-25mm from the detection area, so it is often necessary for the endoscopic probe to be as close to the observation point as possible. The probe and the observation object plane can achieve better observation results in the range of 45゜~90゜. In actual work, the appropriate observation position is found by repeatedly changing the position and angle of the probe and the observation point, and the best detection is obtained. effect.
3. Channel. When choosing a channel, you should be as close as possible to the location to be detected, and choose the channel with the shortest length to minimize the number and degree of bending of the probe; first consider the channel from top to bottom, from high to low; prefer the wide channel; recommend using tooling , To ensure the correct direction of the probe in the product channel; the method of observing and passing through the channel should be used.
4. Image distortion. Observing the deformation of an object through the lens, as the distance from the center of the lens to the edge increases, the image is distorted. The distortion of the image will affect the judgment and measurement of defects. The distortion of the image is relatively large during observation with straight rod mirror and fiber optic mirror, and the video endoscope can be corrected by a computer.
5. Resolution, magnification, and smallest defects can be detected. These are the technical indicators of the endoscope itself, which can directly affect the detection results.
6. The reflectivity of the surface of the object. Different object surfaces have different reflectivity, which is related to the material and surface roughness of the object. Therefore, the intensity of the illumination of the endoscope should be selected according to the specific situation in the actual inspection in order to obtain clear and useful results.
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