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What conditions will affect the use of industrial endoscopes?

What conditions will affect the use of industrial endoscopes?

Issue Time:2020/10/27
Industrial endoscopes can perform deep exploration of curved pipes, can observe parts that are not visible at a direct viewing angle, and can also detect the structure and state of the internal space in the sealed cavity, and can be used without disassembly or destruction of assembly and equipment It is an industrial testing instrument that realizes non-destructive testing when the operation is stopped, and supports remote observation and operation. Will the problem of inaccurate detection result appear during use? Next, the editor of JEET Technology will tell you the factors that affect industrial endoscope detection?
1. The detected channel:
When selecting a channel, you should try to be as close as possible to the location to be detected, choose a channel with a short length, and minimize the number and degree of bending of the probe; first consider the channel from top to bottom, from high to low; prefer the wide channel; when testing The method of observing and passing should be adopted to travel in the channel to ensure that the probe of the industrial endoscope travels in the correct direction in the product channel.
2. The reflectivity of the surface of the object:
Different object surfaces have different reflectivity, which is related to the material and surface roughness of the object. Therefore, the intensity and mode of the endoscope's illumination should be selected according to the actual situation in order to obtain clear and useful results.
3. Probe position and angle:
Usually, the effect of observing the image within the range of 5~25mm from the detection area is more appropriate, so it is often necessary for the endoscopic probe to be as close to the observation point as possible. In actual work, find a suitable observation position by repeatedly changing the position and angle of the probe and the observation point, and obtain a good detection effect.

The above is the introduction of the editor of JEET Technology on the factors that affect the detection of industrial endoscopes. Industrial endoscopes are a very common tool in many fields.

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