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What aspects of industrial endoscopes are used in substation maintenance!

What aspects of industrial endoscopes are used in substation maintenance!

Issue Time:2020/11/05
1. Introduction to Industrial Endoscope
Industrial endoscope is a kind of non-destructive testing equipment widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance at present. It extends the visual distance of the human eye, breaks through the blind angle of human eye observation, and can accurately and clearly observe the internal surface of machinery and equipment or parts. Conditions such as wear and tear, surface cracks, burrs and abnormal attachments, etc., avoid unnecessary equipment decomposition, disassembly and possible component damage during the inspection process. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high inspection efficiency, and objective and accurate results. , Is a powerful tool for enterprise production process control and quality control.

2. Features of primary equipment for substation
Substation primary equipment refers to equipment that directly carries energy and current in the substation, such as overhead lines, lightning arresters, voltage transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers, isolating switches, grounding switches, reactors, capacitors, transformers, high-voltage cables, bus bars, etc. . Due to the high voltage level, large carrying current, compact and precise structure, if the small defects of the substation equipment are not found in time during the maintenance, it is very easy to cause serious power accidents such as short circuit, discharge, and equipment burnout, threatening the safe and stable operation of the power grid. It has an extremely bad impact on the production and life of the people. The primary equipment of substation often adopts a closed design, and it is difficult to observe the health status of the internal components of the equipment during the overhaul of non-destructive testing equipment. At this time, the industrial endoscope can be used to enter the inside of the equipment from the narrow gap of the substation equipment to observe the parts that cannot be directly observed with the naked eye.

3. The application of industrial endoscope in the maintenance of primary equipment
Based on the above-mentioned characteristics of the primary equipment, the industrial endoscope has an irreplaceable role in the observation and detection of certain aspects of the primary equipment.

3.1 Application in transformer maintenance
1. Inspection and cleaning of fuel tank components.
2. Inspection of transformer windings.

3.2 Application in maintenance of outdoor ceramic pole circuit breaker
1. Check the internal components of the circuit breaker mechanism box.
2. Internal inspection of the circuit breaker body.

3.3 Application in high voltage switch cabinet
1. Check the structure of the fixed switch cabinet.
2. Check the bus bridge of the high voltage switch cabinet.
3. Check the cables in the cable trench.

In view of the particularity of substation equipment, some characteristics of industrial endoscopes need to be improved to create greater value in the field of substation maintenance. Industrial endoscopes need to be improved
The aspects are as follows:
1. Insulation
2. Oil-proof properties.
3. Full viewing angle characteristics.

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