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What are the uses of industrial endoscopes in pipe welding?

What are the uses of industrial endoscopes in pipe welding?

Issue Time:2020/11/20
Welding is a commonly used technique in industrial production and processing, and its main purpose is to connect two or more materials into one. Pipeline welding is used in all aspects of industry, from aerospace, electric power and petrochemical, automobile manufacturing to food, pharmaceuticals and other fields are inseparable from welding. Because of the special structure of the pipeline, its internal welding defects and the state of the cavity are often not intuitively judged by the naked eye. Need to use some tools to assist, such as industrial endoscopes, inserted into the pipeline to observe the specific conditions inside the pipeline.

The quality of pipeline welds often directly affects the service life of the product. The different types of welding processes and methods, and even the welding operations of the staff, are closely related to the quality of pipeline welding. During welding, the molten metal solidifies and adheres to the weld to form splashes. If it cannot be cleaned or removed, it will fall under the action of external forces such as vibration and enter the inside of the pipeline, causing blockage, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment. Cause damage to the equipment. Such as the dairy and pharmaceutical industries, weld defects on the inner wall of the pipeline may cause liquid residue and cause pollution. Defects in the welding seam of automobile exhaust pipes may cause problems such as leakage, breakage, etc. The welding seam defects of gas cylinders and storage tanks may cause blockage of pipelines and so on.

Industrial endoscopes can enter the inside of pipes or equipment, and perform real-time inspections without damage or disassembly. The high-definition image visually presents the unreachable area for the user. Observing the surface of the inner wall of the pipe can effectively observe the state of the inner surface of the weld, such as wrong edges, incomplete penetration, spatter, pores, slag inclusion, lack of fusion, cracks and other weld defects, and the image can be magnified multiple times. Smaller defects can be found. It can also be used to detect various weld defects on the inner surface of various objects such as pipes, gas cylinders, storage tanks, etc., such as depressions, protrusions, pores, oxidation colors, arc craters, cracks, etc. More extensive and practical applications.

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