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Expert in internal inspection of castings - UV Ultraviolet Borescope

Expert in internal inspection of castings - UV Ultraviolet Borescope

Issue Time:2020-11-26
Casting inspection is an important means to find product defects, and it is also a key process to ensure product quality. At present, there are many methods for non-destructive testing of castings. The most commonly used are magnetic particle inspection, fluorescent inspection, ultrasonic inspection, radiographic inspection, etc., fluorescent inspection as An effective quality control method, the principle is to use the fluorescent substance to emit light under ultraviolet light, and to coat the fluorescent substance on the surface of the part, and use the fluorescence to inspect the surface defects of the part. This method can only detect the casting defects on the surface of the casting. It is impossible to detect the internal defects of castings, and the endoscopic fluorescent flaw detector can effectively solve this problem. Industrial endoscopes can take advantage of the small and compact structural characteristics of their ends, which can extend into the complex cavity and pass through the reserved working channel Spray the fluorescent agent on the surface of the casting, after the fluorescent agent penetrates, it can be inspected by ultraviolet light. This breaks through the previous UV detection method, allowing UV flaw detection to extend into the casting, greatly improving the detection efficiency and accuracy of related industries.
The main unit of JEET Technology can switch the purple and white light source with one button. First, use white light to find general defects, and then spray fluorescent agent. After the fluorescent agent penetrates, it can be irradiated with ultraviolet lamp to perform ultraviolet fluorescent flaw detection efficiently and accurately.
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