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Comparison of the characteristics of three industrial endoscopes

Comparison of the characteristics of three industrial endoscopes

Issue Time:2020/12/03
Industrial endoscope is currently a non-destructive testing equipment widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance. It extends the visual distance of the human eye, breaks through the blind angle of human eye observation, and can accurately and clearly observe the internal surface of machinery and equipment or parts. Conditions such as wear and tear, surface cracks, burrs and abnormal attachments, etc., avoid unnecessary equipment decomposition, disassembly and possible component damage during the inspection process. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high inspection efficiency, and objective and accurate results. It is a powerful tool for enterprise production process control and quality control.

At present, the commonly used industrial endoscopes include rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, and electronic video endoscopes. The basic configurations include: an industrial endoscope, a light source, and an optical cable. The basic principles are all used The optical system images the object to be inspected, and then transmits it through the image transmission system to facilitate the direct observation of the human eye or display it on the monitor to obtain the required information. However, the three have their own characteristics and common occasions, and their characteristics are compared as shown in the following table:

Rigid endoscopes have different viewing directions and fields of view that can be selected according to work requirements. When object detection requires different viewing directions, such as 0°, 90°, 120°, you can change the fixed viewing direction by different probes or use a rotating prism In the endoscope, the ideal viewing angle can be obtained by adjusting the axial rotation of the prism. The flexible endoscope controls the bending guidance of the probe through the guiding mechanism, which can obtain unidirectional, bidirectional or even four-directional guidance in the same plane, so as to combine any observation angles to achieve a 360° panoramic view. Observed. The electronic video endoscope is formed on the basis of the development of electronic imaging technology. It represents the highest level of industrial endoscope technology. It combines the technical performance of rigid and flexible endoscopes with high imaging quality and displays the image on On the CRT monitor, the burden on the human eye is reduced, allowing multiple people to observe at the same time, making the inspection effect more objective and accurate.

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