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Industrial endoscope is a visual inspection in non-destructive inspection

Industrial endoscope is a visual inspection in non-destructive inspection

Dec 8,2020
Industrial endoscope is a branch of non-destructive testing, which is a kind of visual inspection in non-destructive testing. JEET Industrial Endoscope has produced an ultra-fine video endoscope of 1.7/2.0/2.2/2.8mm, which allows us to observe the internal surface structure or working status of the object without destroying the surface of the object to be detected.

In the industry of mechanical maintenance:
Industrial endoscopes are mainly used for internal inspection of large-scale machinery and equipment, and for observing the working conditions of some machines due to excessive temperature or too small environments. Industrial endoscopes can effectively avoid the adverse effects of direct observation on the observer. Moreover, by optimizing and adjusting the structure of the endoscope itself, the observation angle and the observation range can be adjusted by the mechanical rocker. The operation is simple, and the handheld integrated design of the endoscope is convenient and quick to apply.

In the oil and gas chemical industry:
Because of the particularity of the oil and gas chemical industry and the extremely high requirements for safety, large pipelines, irregular vessels, and slender seamless steel pipes in this industry require professional and special industrial inspection mirrors to conduct inspections on their internal pipe walls. Check carefully to see if there are defects such as weld bumps and burrs inside the pipeline, whether it will affect the application of the pipeline!

Application in security:
Endoscopes can be used for security inspections, customs, etc., to detect packaged items such as luggage and parcels. It does not need to open the package and can be inspected. It not only guarantees the work efficiency of security personnel but also protects the privacy of the inspected items. It is also increasingly used in anti-terrorism operations of the armed police.

The above is the application of industrial endoscopes in some industries, and many different industries are also applying industrial endoscopes, such as the automotive aftermarket, pipeline chemicals, aerospace and other industries. It is precisely because the application of industrial endoscopes is becoming more and more widespread, so the domestic industrial endoscope market is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more suppliers, and the technological development of the endoscope industry is getting faster and faster. It is also because the research and development technology of domestic industrial endoscopes is getting better and better, and the industries that need to use endoscopes are more and more trusting in endoscopes, and they are slowly changing from choosing foreign endoscopes to domestically-made industrial endoscopes. .

JEET Industrial Endoscope is a domestic brand that independently develops and produces industrial endoscopes and has its own R&D team and production team. At present, the company has independently developed a number of series of industrial endoscopes, which can meet different industries. The needs of the crowd, if necessary, you can contact us at any time.
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