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New Energy Resources And Industrial Endoscope

New Energy Resources And Industrial Endoscope

Issue Time:2020-12-23
More and more clean energy is entering the homes of ordinary people. Because of its characteristics, wind power plays an important role in the field of new energy. JEET Industrial Endoscope firmly grasps the theme of the times and helps wind power equipment installation and maintenance.
JEET industrial endoscope is small and light, flexible in operation, and a variety of accessories can easily cope with various problems encountered in the installation and maintenance of wind power equipment. The weight of the whole machine does not exceed 1KG, that is, the weight of a cup of water; the probe can rotate 360 degrees in all directions and a bend angle of 180 degrees. It only needs a mechanical rocker to control the steering. Around the joystick, there are multiple function buttons, which can be operated with one hand. Our multi-functional endoscopes are also equipped with various accessories, such as shoulder straps and waist bags, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough hands anymore. The telescopic sleeve can extend the endoscope pipeline to any place without worrying that the pipeline is too soft and the probe cannot reach where you want to see.
Whether it's the north wind whistling in the northeast or the wet and cold waters of the east, where there is a fan, there is a JEET endoscope.
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