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The use of JEET industrial endoscope in the inspection of automobile assembly!

The use of JEET industrial endoscope in the inspection of automobile assembly!

Issue Time:2020/11/16
Cars have become an indispensable necessity in people's daily needs. Basically, every car in every household is a standard product. With the gradual increase of cars, the number of traffic accidents that occur each year is also increasing, so many The city government has introduced policies such as license restrictions, purchase restrictions, and travel restrictions! So how to ensure car safety? Next, JEET Technology recommends industrial endoscopes. Industrial endoscopes are good for non-destructive testing. The safety of automobiles is definitely inseparable from the inspection of industrial endoscopes. It is used in automobile engines, castings, vehicle assembly, and production. Foam filling, automotive aftermarket, maintenance and repair, etc. have made outstanding contributions.
Application in automobile foam filling: automobile foam filling is a common auto parts. During the development of automobile products, due to the design of the body structure, some cavities will inevitably appear to connect the interior and exterior of the vehicle, which will cause environmental factors such as dust, water vapor, airflow, noise and heat outside the vehicle to enter the vehicle, that is, body leakage. In order to solve this problem and improve the airtightness and comfort of the car, designers have designed various sealing structures to prevent external environmental factors from entering the interior of the car body. The cavity filling technology of the car is an important application technology. After the filling is completed, use an industrial endoscope to enter the interior, check the filling state, whether the foam is completely expanded, whether it completely fills the cavity, or is missing. At this time, you need to use the endoscope. Industrial endoscopes can take you to understand the internal situation at a glance, and can effectively solve these internal problems without disassembling the machine!

Industrial endoscopes will also be used to detect the internal conditions of the frame, including welding, paint, corrosion, rust, etc., a small industrial endoscope is of great use. With the improvement of living standards, people also have extremely high requirements for product quality. Once a fatal problem occurs, a car company may close its doors! Therefore, every product will go through strict inspections before it goes out to the market to ensure the safety of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation!

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