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Application of Industrial Endoscope in Inspection of the Inner Surface of Small Diameter and Thin-walled Pipe

Application of Industrial Endoscope in Inspection of the Inner Surface of Small Diameter and Thin-walled Pipe

Issue Time:2021/01/07
Domestically, industrial endoscopes were introduced from abroad in the 1970s, mainly used for internal redundant control of aerospace products and quality inspection of some parts. In recent years, domestic endoscopic inspection has entered the practical stage, and it is increasingly used to control the quality of product production and has developed into a dedicated inspection method. Industrial video endoscope inspection equipment is mainly composed of optical fiber, insertion tube and video imaging system, so as to realize the monitoring, recording, storage and image analysis of the internal field of view of the tube.

Use of video endoscope
The traditional method of detecting the inner surface of small-diameter thin-walled pipes is to use visual inspection and spotlights. When there are abnormal conditions, industrial video endoscopes are used to check the defects. Fiber optic video endoscopes are expensive. The inside of the tube is imaged on the liquid crystal display through the probe, which can preliminarily determine the abnormal condition of the inner surface of the tube, which is the basis for systematic analysis by technicians and quality inspectors.

Existing problems and improvement measures
There are some problems with the use of video endoscopes to inspect internal defects of pipes: the focal length range of the probe is too small, and the clear imaging area is narrow, which easily causes eye fatigue of the inspector and leads to missed inspection.

At present, the application of industrial video endoscopes in pipe inner surface inspection has effectively solved the problems that have been plagued by everyone, and provided a basis for technical personnel to analyze the problems, which is convenient for timely and effective treatment. Industrial video endoscopes can not only be applied The inspection of the inner surface of the small-diameter thin-walled pipe can also be observed in the daily inspection and maintenance of other equipment.

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