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The Necessity of Applying Industrial Endoscope to Converter Repair

The Necessity of Applying Industrial Endoscope to Converter Repair

Issue Time:2021/02/25
Industrial endoscope is a kind of non-destructive testing equipment widely used in industrial manufacturing and maintenance at present. It extends the visual distance of the human eye, breaks through the blind angle of human eye observation, and can accurately and clearly observe the inside of machinery and equipment or parts. Superficial situation. Such as wear and tear, surface cracks, burrs and abnormal attachments, etc., avoid unnecessary equipment decomposition, disassembly and possible damage to parts during the inspection process. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high inspection efficiency, and objective and accurate results. A powerful tool for production process control and quality control.

In order to overcome the shortcomings and shortcomings of the current general inspection method for the leakage of the converter of the motor car, improve the efficiency of the maintenance and the accuracy of the leakage observation, and improve the comfort of the maintenance operators, the industrial endoscope is used to find the leakage of the converter cooler. The liquid point is very necessary, it can greatly improve the shortcomings of the existing maintenance methods. For example, if liquid leakage is found in the vehicle body floor during the general survey of the converter, you do not have to open the converter box or the vehicle body floor one by one to observe it. Determine the approximate location of the leakage point, then disassemble the bottom plate corresponding to the determined leakage point position, and finally use an endoscope to extend into the cooling pipe gap where the disassembled vehicle body floor is located. Since the probe of the endoscope itself can be turned freely, and the probe comes with an LED illuminator, there is no need to consider the problem of insufficient light when searching for leaks. Therefore, the location of the leak can be easily observed, and the search process is quick and simple. At this time, after determining the location of the leak, open the corresponding car body floor to perform the electrophoretic coating treatment of the leak, and if necessary, check the leak For further analysis and inspection, you can use its photo or video function for image and video storage.

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