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Features of fiber optic endoscope! - JEET Videoscope

Features of fiber optic endoscope! - JEET Videoscope

Issue Time:2021/03/02
The optical fiber endoscope is composed of a certain number of optical fiber bundles. Because the optical fiber is relatively slender, after a long time of bending and use, the optical fiber will be easily damaged and broken, and black spots will appear in the imaging, which affects the endoscope. The effect of inspection; because the optical fiber bundle has the characteristic that it cannot be repaired, when a large area of ​​black spots occurs, a new optical fiber endoscope needs to be replaced; in summary, if you want to extend the service life of the optical fiber, Try to avoid bending the probe at a large angle.

Since the industrial fiber optic endoscope adopts the principle of direct optical reflection imaging of the fiber optic bundle, the imaging resolution depends entirely on the grade and quantity of the fiber optic bundle. In principle, if the number of fiber optic bundles is the same, the grade of the fiber optic bundle is higher. The high imaging effect is better; if the grades of the optical fiber bundles are the same, the higher the number of optical fiber bundles, the higher the imaging pixels. If the image of your optical fiber endoscope has large black spots or the probe has been damaged, you need to purchase a brand new optical fiber probe, the original light source and optical cable can continue to be used (but you need to pay attention to the interface form ).

Application fields of fiber optic endoscope
For the endoscope inspection of parts or pipelines below 2.4mm, it is the field of fiber optic endoscopes that display their talents. We provide ultra-fine fiber optic endoscopes with different diameters such as 1.7mm, 1.3mm, and 02.2mm for your choice!

Among the many products of JEET, JEET endoscopes are not inferior in competition with some international brands in terms of image clarity and measurement accuracy, and they have greater advantages in terms of price and after-sales service year-on-year. Corporate brand influence has been even greater. The company always insists on customer first, integrity management, and provides users with multi-faceted and better quality products and technical testing services.