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Application of industrial endoscope in aeroengine maintenance!

Application of industrial endoscope in aeroengine maintenance!

July 9,2022
Aviation maintenance refers to the maintenance and repair of aircraft and its technical equipment to ensure aircraft safety. Aviation maintenance is not only a prerequisite for the use of aircraft, but also an important part of the aviation industry. Aeroengine is the heart of aircraft. The maintenance of aeroengine is not only a part of aircraft maintenance, but also an important part of aviation maintenance.

The importance of aeroengine maintenance is mainly due to the fact that aeroengines are complex machines composed of various types of parts and components. They work in the changing high temperature, high pressure, high speed and harsh environment, requiring light weight and high thrust, Low fuel consumption, reliable work, long life, low cost and the structure of the engine must be constantly updated, resulting in the increasing proportion of aero-engine maintenance.

In recent years, aviation equipment has continuously applied the latest scientific and technological achievements, with more advanced performance, more comprehensive technology and more complex structure, which poses a great challenge to the regular and rapid maintenance of aviation equipment, especially overhaul. Therefore, the maintenance equipment and methods of aero-engine at home and abroad are constantly developing, and new and old methods are introduced to make the maintenance methods of aero-engine more modern.

The areas where aeroengines are most prone to failure are high-pressure compressors, combustion chambers and high-pressure turbines. Traditionally, the inspection and maintenance of aero-engine is carried out by decomposition method, which not only wastes time, manpower and financial resources, but also causes great damage to the disassembly of aero-engine itself, greatly reducing the service life of aero-engine. Engine life. Endoscopic inspection technology provides a very effective method for maintenance personnel to check the internal condition of the engine.
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Generally, aircraft engine endoscopy is divided into three types: routine inspection, targeted inspection and expanded area inspection. The importance of industrial endoscope in aero-engine inspection records is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1) Provide basis for aeroengine fault analysis

2) Provide basis for aeroengine maintenance

3) Provide valuable information for Aeroengine manufacturers

The maintenance cost of aircraft engines usually accounts for more than half of the total maintenance cost of aircraft. All airlines are concerned about reducing the maintenance cost of aircraft engines while ensuring airworthiness. As an important method of aero-engine maintenance, industrial endoscopy plays an extremely important role in reducing the maintenance cost of aero-engine, and is the basis of aero-engine maintenance.

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