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Video endoscopy is one of the important ways of non-destructive testing

Video endoscopy is one of the important ways of non-destructive testing

Issue Time:2022/07/15
    A widely used visual inspection instrument at present is video endoscope, which is also one of the important methods in non-destructive testing. It is usually used to observe the surface state, alignment of mating surfaces, signs of deformation or leakage, etc., such as parts , components and equipment, etc. There are two methods of visual inspection, one is direct visual inspection, and the other is indirect visual inspection. Direct visual inspection refers to inspecting the object to be inspected directly with the human eye or using a magnifying glass with a magnification of less than 6 times. Indirect visual inspection refers to a method of visual observation with the help of various optical instruments or equipment.
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    Visual inspection instruments or equipment can be selected according to the specific object to be inspected, including: magnifying glass, reflector, video endoscope, welding inspection ruler, illuminance meter, etc. For example, when the size of the defect is small, it cannot be directly confirmed with the naked eye, and can be observed with the help of a magnifying glass; the use of the mirror is mainly used when the direct observation angle is difficult; when the limited space or long-distance objects are detected, video can be used The principle of detection by endoscope is mainly to use the reflection of light, which can be used between the detection and the detected object, whether there is a straight channel or no straight channel.
    The principle of use of endoscopy is simple, easy to master, economical and simple, and easy to operate. It can be used for non-destructive testing in small spaces, such as the inner surface of small containers, which can be effectively tested with auxiliary equipment such as video endoscopes, and is not or rarely affected by the material, shape, structure, size and other factors of the object to be tested. Impact. Nowadays, with the development of technology more and more mature, video endoscope has become the preferred tool. For example, in the field of automobile maintenance, faults such as carbon deposition, wear, abnormal noise, and corrosion of internal components of the engine can be detected efficiently and intuitively.
To sum up, this is the introduction shared by the editor of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. about video endoscopy as one of the important methods of non-destructive testing. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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