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Application of Shenzhen JEET industrial endoscope in Aeroengine

Application of Shenzhen JEET industrial endoscope in Aeroengine

Issue Time:2022/09/03
    Aeroengine is the main source of aircraft power, which directly affects the safety of aircraft. The working conditions of aero-engine are very harsh, usually the working temperature is above 1700 ℃. The rotation speed of 3000-5000 revolutions per minute is a great test for the quality of the hardware of the aircraft, resulting in a centrifugal force with a destructive level. During the use of aero-engine, the core parts such as axial-flow compressor, combustion chamber and turbine blade are the most frequent faults, which is a potential threat to the engine. At the same time, the fault often occurs inside the engine, and it is difficult to find the damaged part from the appearance. If all the engines are disassembled for inspection, it will cost a lot of labor and time, and the work efficiency will be sharply reduced.

    In view of the particularity of aero-engine testing, industrial endoscopy is mainly used in nondestructive testing. The inspectors inspect, prevent and control the internal components of the engine with the help of the endoscope, timely find the internal damage, evaluate the performance status of the engine, and facilitate the monitoring and use of the engine and determine the maintenance plan.

    Shenzhen JEET T51X Series megapixel high-definition industrial endoscope is selected. The detection technology can present the defects at the detection points on the IPS high-definition full view screen with smooth, clear, high-resolution and complete color images, and carry out the intelligent image system analysis on the observation images to visually judge the detection situation. At the same time, it can be transmitted to other devices through HDMI image transmission or WiFi, and can be used for photographing and video recording at any time. It is fast and convenient to use. When using the industrial endoscope, the size, length and complex path of the inspected aperture are considered according to the actual detection situation, and the flexible hose endoscope is selected, and the rigid tube endoscope is selected for the simple path. Shenzhen JEET is committed to providing customers with professional endoscopic video detection solutions, and each series of products can cope with different detection environments.

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