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JEET S610 tool video endoscope application for carbon deposition detection of automobile engine

JEET S610 tool video endoscope application for carbon deposition detection of automobile engine

Issue Time:2022/08/25

Industrial endoscope detection is the most effective and intuitive visual detection method. It is an indispensable and effective tool in an environment where human eyes cannot directly observe. The tool videoscope is a kind of industrial electronic endoscope, which is often used in application scenarios with a relatively simple detection environment.

 tool video endoscope

For example, in the maintenance of the automobile aftermarket, the tool videoscope is mainly used to inspect the blockage or wear of the engine gearbox, muffler, fuel pipe, and air-conditioning pipe of the automobile, and the use of carbon deposits of spark plugs, fuel injectors, and gas valves. Shenzhen JEET S610 tool videoscope adopts a 6mm wear-resistant tungsten alloy material tube. The probe can easily extend into the engine, which can be rotated 360 ° flexibly and accurately with the high-sensitivity mechanical joystick control. In the engine combustion chamber, the probe bends 220 °to check the fuel injection nozzle. The 120 ° of FOV shows the top of the piston. Shenzhen JEET S610 tool videoscope plays an important role in inspecting the carbon deposition of the fuel injection nozzle. At the same time, the HD megapixel cameras of JEET S610 are optionally equipped with the probe high-temperature alarm function. When using the endoscope, it can actively avoid the high temperature and severe environment, effectively protect the probe and reduce the damage to the endoscope caused by the bad environment.


Shenzhen JEET S610 tool videoscope has IPS high-definition full view display screen and high-definition megapixel cameras, high-definition image display, and high-quality detection results can be observed. The whole machine is 0.5kg, which is light and convenient, and has a simple graphical menu, gives the inspector the experience of instrumental operation and lets them easy to start the operation.