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JEET S610 tool video endoscope application of automotive engine carbon detection

JEET S610 tool video endoscope application of automotive engine carbon detection

Issue Time:2022/09/23
    Industrial endoscopic inspection is the most effective and intuitive method of visual inspection. It is an essential and effective tool in environments that are not directly visible to the human eye. The tool video borescope is one of the industrial electronic borescopes and is commonly used in application scenarios where the inspection environment is relatively simple.

    For example, in the automotive after-market maintenance, the tool video borescope is mainly used to check the car's engine transmission, muffler, fuel pipe, air conditioning pipe blockage or wear, spark plugs, fuel injectors, gas logging door carbon use. JEET S610 tool video borescope using 6mm wear-resistant tungsten alloy material pipe, the probe can easily reach inside the engine, through the rocker control probe 360 ° flexible steering, in the engine combustion chamber inside, the probe bent 220 ° hook back to view the injector nozzle, 120 ° field of view angle will be the top of the piston as far as possible, JEET S610 tool video borescope, especially in the view of the injector nozzle carbon build-up The situation plays a pivotal role. At the same time, Jietai S610 million HD camera, optional probe high temperature alarm function, in the use of the endoscope to actively avoid high temperature severe environment to effectively protect the probe, reduce the use of environmental damage caused by the endoscope.
S610 tool video borescope

    JEET S610 tool video borescope, with IPS HD full-view display and a million HD camera, high-definition image display, high-quality detection effect can be seen; the whole machine 0.5kg, lightweight and convenient, simple graphical menu, tool-based operation experience, instantly get started.

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